September 21st - Eva's first litter of puppies arrive.  Two yellow males, two black males, and two black females!

January 29th - Duffy's four yellow puppies arrive.  Two boys and two girls!


September 28th - Eva gets fourth senior pass to achieve her AKC Senior Hunter title!


October 19th - Duffy has a litter of six yellow girls and two boys.  Puppies will be ready for Christmas!

August 28th - Eva gets fourth pass to get her AKC Junior Hunter title!

April 10th - Duffy gets fourth pass to achieve her UKC Seasoned Retriever title.


August 1st - All puppies are sold.  One going to Ohio, one to Iowa, two to the Omaha area, one to Kearney, NE,
and one to Waverly, NE.

June 30th - Duffy's puppies arrive!  Five yellow girls and one yellow boy!

May 30th - Duffy passes the spring hunt test at Okoboji Game Farm, Okoboji, Iowa,
to become a Certified Pointing Retriever (CPR)!




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